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We Are Isula Nature

Isula Nature, Natural products for a better life

We are a multidisciplinary team, whose main objective is to promote the use of natural products, especially those coming from Peru, to improve the overall health and life of people.

We strongly believe in prevention, particularly when it comes to health issues. It is much better and cheaper to prevent an illness than to cure it.

That is why super foods and healing products from the Andes and Amazon regions, take an utmost value.We develop our business based on ethical values, within a framework of environmental sustainability and social equity

Passionate about nature and outdoors

I am passionate about nature and outdoors sports. I was born and raised on the coast of Peru, but from a very young age I traveled throughout my country, discovering its rugged and challenging topography, its varied nature and people and their different cultures. It was since then that ethno-medicine, as well as the healing products and super foods from the Andes and Amazon regions, especially attracted my interest.

I lived and worked in the Amazon and the Andes of Peru not only because of my occupation, forest engineer, but also as my beloved wife, with whom I have shared the last 27 years of my life, is of Andean origin. These strong ties have allowed me to have preferential access to a variety of products such as Maca, Dragon’s Blood, Cat’s Claw and others. I have personally used them, enjoying the benefits they offer; and have also seen other people benefit from their extraordinary properties.

Modern society requires us to develop great efforts steadily, to keep pace with today’s life. Superfoods like Maca, have been of great help in my life, providing energy and health, helping me meet the physical and mental demands that work, constant learning, sports and family life required of me.

This is why at Isula Nature Inc. we promote the qualities of products from the Andes and Amazon, in order to share them with you, hoping that they can benefit your lives too.

Rafael Tolmos