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May 25th, 2018

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a widely spread disorder, that basically consists on extreme fatigue which does not improve by rest. Think of your body as a battery, every single night when you go to sleep you recharge that battery and the next day, with it fully charged, you complete all your daily activities: work, exercise, take care of the kids, your house…etc. But what if this battery is not charging properly during the night? You are going to start your day on a half-charged battery, repeat this cycle during the night, and so on. Until at one point, your body will be exhausted.


What causes CFS is not clear yet, but there are many theories that go from hormonal imbalances to psychological stress. On the same side, there is no single test to diagnose CFS because it can mimic many different conditions. That is why many other health problems have to be ruled out before diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


CFS treatment is focused directly on symptoms’ relief. In that sense Maca has been proven to be very helpful. Studies have shown Maca’s highly nutritious nature (Maca Nutritional Profile) is probably one reason for its positive effect on vitality and combating tiredness. It has also been proven its polysaccharides have significant effects on the increase of exercise endurance (energy increase). Additionally, Maca has stress mitigation effects that can help reduce anxiety, both conditions that are directly linked to CFS.

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