It feels great when you get admiration for your efforts and hard work. It is always a proud moment for us when our clients applaud us for our work and give their valuable feedback.

Very Good

Alejandro Rodriguez

“Very good”

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This product is Excellent

Fred T. Di Lella

“This is an excellent product.”

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No longer experienced hot flashes

Jackie Nehring

“I am 54 and female and within a 2-week period I no longer experienced hot flashes, my natural level of energy was restored, and no longer experienced any aches or pains, not even arthritic pain! I am still experiencing these benefits as of June 2018. I strongly recommend it.”

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This Maca is the real deal


“I am Peruvian and have been taking Maca for a long time, it’s really one of the best supplements anyone can take, it’s really a powerful source of nutrition, it keeps you sharp and yes is true, it’s a good and natural aphrodisiac. I decided to try this brand and for my surprise I must say that this is probably the best Maca I ever had, you can tell when Maca is 100% pure by the smell which is actually hard to describe it, but I would say that it’s a kind of a unique earthy vanilla smell. I never write reviews, but I decided to write this time because a good product deserves credit ! I recommend everyone to try Maca.”

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Proven Results!

R. Ross, from Maryland

“I have been extremely pleased with the results I have gotten since starting use. I started using the product to alleviate hot flashes. It took about 2 weeks for me to start noticing a difference. Also I’m a pretty active person but also noticed I don’t get as sleepy as early as I used to after a long days work. This has been a GREAT purchase!”

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Worth The Price!


“To me it is expensive, but it’s worth the price! All natural and 800 milligrams! Helped my energy levels and I’ve become more curvier in my hips!”

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No more hot flashes.


“I use it to stave off hot flashes. It works very well for that purpose with no side effects. I would definitely recommend it for women experiencing peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms who do not wish to do hormone replacement therapy”

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Excellent quality and effectiveness


“These work as well as the loose powder at a much more reasonable price pount. I take 2 tablets 5 times a week (skip the weekends) to keep hot flashes completely under control. And maca is an adaptogen, so it’s also great for adrenal health.”

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Helped me so much!!!


“I have PCOS. I get my period once every 4 months. I wanted to try these to see if it would help.
Within 2 weeks of taking them I saw my period, helped balance my hormones and I have a lot more energy. I love these pills.
I started taking two a day and then I increased it to three times a day. It really is a must have!”

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Clearly a high quality Maca, you can feel the difference!!


“Great value and quality Maca…you can feel it when you take it. I have been taking Maca for over 10 years and it is not hard to tell the difference between a quality Maca and some of the junky brands I have tried. I take less of these (1-2 per day) and feel it more than many other brands I have tried. Will order again!”

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No more adult acne!

AJ, The Original

“I started using maca about three years ago to help control my hormonal acne, which was quite severe. The powder version tasted disgusting, so once I knew there was a gelatinized pill form, I definitely needed to give it a shot. I’ve been using this pill maca for about a year, and it has been wonderful. My acne is cleared up, and although I don’t notice a huge boost in energy, it hasn’t negatively impacted my health (no stomachaches or insomnia), either. In case it does give me an extra jolt of energy, I take mine in the morning and make sure to eat a little something at the time.

Highly recommended if you’re seeking to balance hormones and get your adult acne under control.”

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Best Maca Root Works Miracle!!!


“Excellent product! Ever since i started taking this product, I have noticed an increase in my energy Level in every ways You can think of, plus It enhances your butt and helps naturally with your reproduction by making you more fertile, This product really works for me concerning my sexual life with my husband. Please I encourage every couple to have this natural herbal product in their homes as well, It works for hormonal imbalance and many more. Its one in a million and nothing can replace ISULA Maca Root from it original base Peru. Thanks to the manufacturer.”

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