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How does Maca work?

Maca balance the hormone system by nourishing and stimulating hormonal glands.
Its unique chemical composition contains essential amino acids and fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and healthy alkaloids.
Maca works in a very natural way from the inside out

Featured Products

Maca Powder

Peruvian and Organic

Gelatinized – 8oz

Easy to digest  ●  Delicious and versatile  ●  Natural
source of energy  ●  GMP Certified  ●  USDA Organic

Maca Tablets

Portable Energy

Gelatinized – 800mg – 100 Tablets

Maca highest concentration  ●  Maximum absorption
rate-easy digestion  ●  Natural source of energy 
●  GMP Certified




Maca is great and gelatinized is better

I take maca regulary to regulate my hormones and as a supplement as I workout a lot. I decided to try gelatinized for its benefits over powered capsules.
No complaints


Cleared Acne

I cannot tell you how much this has changed my life. I came off of birth control a year ago and struggled with acne. Nothing would clear me up. Then I started reading about how Maca was and adaptogen and would balance whacked out…


No more hot flashes

I use it to stave off hot flashes. It works very well for that purpose with no side effects. I would definitely recommend it for women experiencing perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms who do not wish to do hormone replacement therapy.

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