BLACK MACA from ISULA NATURE is a 100% natural supplement made from the highest quality ingredients under the most rigorous industry standards. We strive towards excellence during every stage of production, from carefully-controlled cultivation to comprehensive customer support. Continue reading to learn more about MACA, its ingredients, its nutritional composition, and what sets us apart.



BLACK MACA is a 100% natural supplement made from the highest quality ingredients under the most rigorous industry standards. We strive towards excellence during every stage of production, from carefully-controlled cultivation to comprehensive customer support. Continue reading to learn more about MACA, its ingredients, its nutritional composition, and what sets us apart.


BLACK MACA main ingredient is premium quality Lepidium meyenii, a radish-like root with a high concentration of nutrients. Although nowadays this herb is cultivated in other parts of the world, the most nutrient-dense harvests are grown only in the herb’s native region – the Peruvian Andes – due to the rich soils and unique climate found there.

In order to procure the best ingredients for BLACK MACA, we oversee all aspects of production: we work closely with our growers and all members of the supply chain to ensure our final product uses only the highest quality ingredients.

Lepidium meyenii, the Isula Nature herb, has over 2000 year of recorded history in the central Andes of Peru at altitudes as high as 12,000 – 14,500 feet above sea level.

This herb is one of the few edible plants in the world that can grow at such high altitudes and in such extreme weather. Freezing cold temperatures, intense sunlight, and strong winds characterize its habitat.

It can survive this hostile environment because of its ability to absorb all the surrounding nutrients. This allows it to store high concentration of essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and carbohydrates as well as a very special selection of minerals, vitamins and healthy alkaloids inside its root.

BLACK MACA from Isula Nature's Nutritional Composition

BLACK MACA main bioactive ingredients are its beneficial alkaloids, which nourish and stimulate the hormonal glands, promoting the balanced production of hormones.

BLACK MACA also contains a diverse range of vitamins and minerals – such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron – as well as the vitamins B1, B2, C, and E. In addition, BLACK MACA is rich in many essential amino acids, which – besides building protein and repairing tissue – play an important part in the hormonal system.

How BLACK MACA from Isula Nature Works

BLACK MACA is an herbal supplement whose nutrients nourish and stimulate the hormonal glands, regulating your Testosterone output and general hormone system function. Also, BLACK MACA is a very natural source for energy continue reading to learn about the vital roles hormones play in a man's body and how BLACK MACA very special combination of macro and micro nutrients nourish your whole body and balance your hormone system helping enhance your vitality and all around physical and mental output.

BLACK MACA and The Hormonal System

The hormonal system, scientifically known as the endocrine system, controls nearly every bodily function. The endocrine glands monitor and regulate the production of hormones, which act as chemical messengers by relaying signals between cells and organs. For example, in men, the hormones testosterone, thyroxine and estrogen influence processes as diverse as sex drive, mood regulation, reproductive processes, and metabolism, among others.

When the endocrine system is working correctly, its work goes largely unnoticed. BLACK MACA from Isula Nature is a herbal supplement whose nutrients nourish and stimulate the hormonal glands, regulating your Testosterone output and general hormone system function.

What Causes Hormonal Imbalance in Men?

There are two main reasons for hormonal imbalance in men: aging and natural fluctuations of reproductive hormones. Which cause testosterone levels to drop and could eventually lead to andropause which is known as male menopause.

How Hormonal Fluctuations Affect Men

Although testosterone levels may vary during the month the usually flow at a balanced most of the time except during stages like puberty. Where testosterone levels usually tend to be really high which is the main cause of men having an increased sexual appetite at that age. As well as changes in their bodies that include getting taller overall, the growth of reproductive organs and changes in the voice. In these stages, men can also experience mood swings and develop certain skin conditions like acne. When the levels become increasingly unbalanced certain serious illnesses such as tumors can form.

In addition, poor health habits and genetic predisposition may increase the likelihood of hormonal imbalance at any given time.

How Aging Decreases Hormonal Function

Obviously, aging is a natural factor that inevitably affects the male endocrine system. The male equivalent to the female ovaries is the testicles. This is the male endocrine gland that is responsible for producing testosterone. As we mentioned with age the level of testosterone production will naturally decrease. However, the lack of production can cause the prostate to develop problems, as it can no longer function properly. The most common side effects of this are conditions like erectile dysfunction, part of the lack of sexual appetite, and ultimately prostate cancer.

Lighter side effects may include mood swings, and the fermentation decreased libido.

Maca increase libido

How Isula Nature Supports the Hormonal System

Isula Nature is rich in nutrients, particularly ones that support the hormonal system. It contains vitamins, minerals, and beneficial alkaloids shown to naturally nourish and stimulate the hormonal glands. All of these nutrients are instrumental in maintaining both the hormonal system and whole body in top condition. Unlike phytoestrogenic herbs or hormonal medicines, which simply replace the missing hormones with external ones, Isula Nature helps support the hormonal system naturally by providing the necessary nutrients. By improving the endocrine system’s functions, Isula Nature offers a holistic approach for hormonal balance and overall health.

Benefits of Black BLACK MACA from Isula Nature

Hormones have many important functions in the body. By supporting hormone production, BLACK MACA offers a wide range of health benefits to men, from relieving the symptoms of aging to increase energy and vitality. Keep reading to learn about the main benefits of Black BLACK MACA.

Relieves Aging Symptoms

Middle-aged men may begin to experience sharp fluctuations in hormone levels. This happens a common natural part of aging as we discussed. Hormonal imbalance has a direct effect on many functions such as appetite, sexual function, sleep, mood, and body temperature, which can trigger a wide range of andropause symptoms.

  • Hot flashes and night sweats are not out of the question for men. Lower testosterone levels can also cause male body temperature to vary thus leading to men experiencing these side effects more commonly associated with women. BLACK MACA balances these levels and allows your body temperature to maintain a regular level.
  • Loss of libido and erectile dysfunction When testosterone levels are low, it affects the male body’s ability to generate sperm and typically leads to the male penis remaining at a tender state. This added to various psychological issues that occur usually on par can cause much distress to men and their partners. BLACK MACA naturally supports the production of the necessary sex hormones.
  • Weight gain. Low testosterone levels can cause fat to be accumulated around the midsection. That is because testosterone in men plays a key role in the digestive system. When testosterone production slows down it typically means that your metabolism will suffer. That is why we see a lot of men with prostate issues continually gain weight as well. BLACK MACA can help you keep off the pounds and stay healthy. It is a great supplement for diets.
  • Constipation and bloating. A diet that is high on fats and low fiber can be one of the main causes of constipation. These diets are also typical in many working men who just don’t have the time to eat right! Another cause can actually be consuming too much calcium or iron supplements. With BLACK MACA you can balance out the number of supplements that entering your body to keep them at an amount that will benefit your overall well being.
  • Other symptoms like, joint pain, headaches, hair loss, memory lapses (brain fog), itchy skin, and other symptoms can also stem from changes in hormone levels. By stimulating the hormonal glands, BLACK MACA balances hormone levels and relieves these symptoms.
  • Mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Testosterone affects mood through the main mood neurotransmitter. If testosterone levels are out of balance, changes in temperament ranging from irritability to depressed mood and panic attacks can occur. BLACK MACA uplifts mood by evening out testosterone levels, thereby balancing it all out.
  • Sleep disorders and low energy. Testosterone has been directly linked to sleep apnea. Which can affect men in very particular ways? Added to the fact that a typical man’s day is packed with worries and activities. Sleep disorders may develop due to these physical and mental health problems men may be facing. BLACK MACA will help you burn the energy throughout the day so you can get more shut-eye at night!

Alleviates Other Hormonal Disorders

Because BLACK MACA nourishes the endocrine system, it can help in managing other symptoms and disorders related to imbalances in hormone levels.

  • Increases energy and vitality. Because testosterone plays a role in regulating the hypothalamus and pancreas, lower testosterone levels can result in fatigue. BLACK MACA nourishes the endocrine glands, helping them produce a balanced amount of testosterone and other hormones, thereby supporting energy levels.
  • Helps with Erectile Dysfunction. A lot of men may face this issue at some point in their lives. There are two main causes of these issues. One is an unbalanced diet. This can cause a man’s body to not have enough nutrients and energy to be able to function properly. The other main problems are mental issues. As we have covered both physical and mental issues can be affected by low testosterone levels. Essentially these problems go hand and hand. With BLACK MACA you can regain the energy you need to function properly and balance out other aspects that will help relieve these issues.
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis. Throughout life, bones lose and gain bone mass. The hormone testosterone is directly related to bone mass regeneration. When levels decrease, bone regeneration also decreases, resulting in bone loss. Cumulative bone loss often leads to osteoporosis. BLACK MACA supports testosterone production, which directly helps prevent bone decay.


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    BLACK MACA from Isula Nature nourishes your endocrine system, helping the pituitary and your other hormonal glands function optimally. This is what makes BLACK MACA unique – it helps the body produce its own hormones, relieving andropause symptoms and increasing libido, reversing fatigue, among other benefits.

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    Results are usually noticed within just one week of consumption. However, because MACA from Isula Nature is a dietary supplement that nourishes and stimulates the hormonal system naturally, two to three months may be needed to enjoy its full results.

    • Night sweats
    • Mood swings & anxiety
    • Hot Flashes
    • Weight gain & hair loss
    • Osteoporosis
    • Low of libido
    • Low energy & sleep disorders
    • Erectile Dysfunction Issues
    • Constipation Problems
    • Bloating

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